Our Story
Why we do what we do
A Meeting Of Minds
Jorge Appiah, the founder, and his friends were not new to the practically handicapped educational system that tested your memory and not your understanding. Unlike other people, Jorge did not follow the No Action Talk Only(NATO) formula. He wanted to be the change he wished to see in Africa. The Creativity Group is a result of his brave endeavour.

—George Appiah, Co-Founder of CG
A Singular Focus
Creativity Group is a student association composed of students from all over the nation who are eager to spear-head innovative and technological advancements in our communities and Ghana as a whole. Its membership is drawn from students in all faculties and departments who love to apply the theoretical aspect of their academic work.

    1. To help train the next generation of engineers and scientists.
    2. To equip members with adequate practical knowledge to help them solve problems in their various communities.
    3. To help improve academic performance of members
    4. To inspire members to take up challenges in our communities.

Creativity group is an open group to all students. It composition varies from engineering, science, social science, business and arts students.
Its membership status currently stands at about 100 students; from first years to final years. The group has a few ladies as members, but is trying to recruit more, as part of the effort to increase the participation of women in Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) fields
Our Impact
Our work inspires millions of people around the world. Key milestones of our progress-to-date:
    1. Designing and engineering of Societal-impact projects through solving of localized problems
    2. Competitions, Exhibitions and Seminars - GESA MAKERS FAIR,
    3. Educational and Social Outreach Program -
    4. Training program -
    5. Research -
    6. Partnership and Collaboration -
Deborah Hammond Sowah
Central President
Agyirakwa Monney Bernice
KNUST President
Stephen Anokye Boateng
KNUST Trainer
Samuel Acquah
UENR Trainer